{ frequently asked questions }

Wedding planning can be stressful, but dress shopping doesn’t need to be! We are here to make your experience fun, relaxing and helpful, everything it should be! Here is some information based on FAQs to help you get the most out of your appointment at Renewed With Love Bridal Outlet.

Bride: What does off the rack mean?

Renewed With Love: This means be prepared to fall in love! The dress you try on in the boutique is the dress you take home, and with our ever-changing inventory and incredible prices, when you find “the one” you’ll want to scoop it up before it’s gone. Many brides leave with their gown from their very first appointment! It is important to note that we do not do any holds on our gowns or accessories do to the nature of the boutique.

Bride: Where do your dresses come from?photo_23686695-1300x866

Renewed With Love: Many of our dresses are brand new, direct from the designer, that were overstock of current or discontinued styles. Others have been samples for reorder at a bridal boutique. All are NEVER ALTERED, NEVER OWNED, and NEVER WORN DOWN THE AISLE.

Bride: When should I start shopping?

Renewed With Love: You can really start as early as you want. Most brides start shopping about a year before their wedding. This gives you time to order or find your gown off the rack and get your alterations done.  Since Renewed With Love is an off the rack boutique, you can wait a little longer to start to shop, but we always recommend not waiting too long if you have the time. With that being said, we can assist a bride on even the tightest timeline and we have recommendations of seamstresses for any required rush alterations.

Bride: Do I need an appointment?

Renewed With Love: We definitely recommend booking an appointment through the week and we are by appointment only on Thursday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays for bridal as well as accessories. Having an appointment will ensure access to a fitting room and a consultant to help you. During the week you can walk-in, however there is the possibility that you won’t be able to try anything on. Our bridal appointments are 1 hour long, plenty of time to try on gowns in the price point you’re looking to respect, the size that is fitting you best, and the direction you’re going in – remember we don’t place orders here, you’re buying the dress you try on! It is recommended to come no more than about 5 minutes prior to your appointment time as the boutique is quaint and your consultant would be completing the previous appointment.

Bride: Who should I bring to my appointment?

Renewed With Love: We recommend bringing only your nearest and dearest, whose opinions you value most, to the appointment – usually just a couple of guests. Though we will do our very best to accommodate a larger group, we do ask that you bring a maximum of five guests to your appointment out of respect for our other brides in their ongoing appointments. We are a quaint boutique with limited seating and standing room is not available. Thank you in advance for your understanding and helping us maintain the intimate atmosphere of our boutique for the best shopping experience.

While we do understand that shopping with big groups can be fun (and you don’t want to leave anyone out!) it can also be overwhelming to have too many opinions. It is easier to focus on what you like and how you feel if you only have a few people with you, thus making for a more successful experience for yourself.  Plus, you can always bring the people who couldn’t make it to an accessory appointment or an alteration fitting!

Bride: What happens if I’m running late for my appointment?

Renewed With Love: If this is the case, please give us a call. While we do understand that this can happen, it is important to note that arriving late for your scheduled time will likely result in a shorter appointment as we may have other appointments booked immediately following yours to respect. Our appointments are booked for 1 hour and we do recommend that if you will be 15 minutes late or more to reschedule your appointment.

Bride: How does the gown selection process work during the appointment?

Renewed With Love: At the beginning of your appointment your consultant will steal you away to select gowns to get you started. Your consultant is there to guide you through the selection process and to pull the gowns off the rack for you. We ask at this time that your guests patiently stay seated, as this is when you and your consultant will further discuss your size and price point. We appreciate that if your guests do wish to look at the gowns that they do so after the initial selection process. We ask that they do not touch or pull them off the racks as each and every gown in our store is delicate and will one day be someone’s wedding gown. If they see something that interests them they can advise the consultant who will pull it off the rack.

Bride: Does the consultant help me try the dresses on?

Renewed With Love: Your bridal consultant will be with you throughout your appointment to guide you though the process. They will hang the dress you will be trying on in your fitting room, get it all undone for you and explain how best to put it on. Your consultant will step out of the fitting room for you to undress and put the gown on. If you do require assistance getting in or out of the gowns we are here to help always offering professional service. Once you are in the dress your consultant will ask if you are ready for them to come in to do the gown up on you. They will clip the gown if need be and ensure the dress is done up correctly before you come out to show your guests.

Bride: What do I need to bring?

Renewed With Love: Just your sweet self! You may want to wear light or nude coloured undergarments. For most dresses you won’t need to wear a bra, however, if you want to try dresses on with one, we recommend a nude strapless. We have a 4 inch pedestal for you to stand on that simulates heel height – so don’t worry, you don’t need to bring your heels! However, if you would like to see “the one” with your wedding shoes we can try them on at that point. You are welcome to bring pictures with you of gowns you like, Pinterest is wonderful – it’ll give us a good starting point. It can also be helpful if you do you hair in a similar look to what your going for on the big day to see an idea of the complete package!

Please note that we will kindly ask you and your guests remove your outdoor footwear upon arrival to the boutique for the protection of our gowns, slippers will be provided and you are also welcome to bring your own indoor footwear.

Bride: What is the price range of the gowns?

Renewed With Love: Being a bridal outlet we are able to offer designer gowns for incredible prices everyday, meaning everything is always on sale! The range starts at approximately $750 and goes up to $2000. We also do have a selection of greatly discounted couture bridal gowns that range above the $2000 mark.

Bride: How do alterations work when I find my dress?

Renewed With Love: Once you have found the one we will provide you with a bridal folder that will include a list of seamstresses that we refer to in the Ottawa and surrounding areas. It is suggested to begin your alterations 6-8 weeks before your wedding however, you will want to book your appointment date well in advance of that (seamstresses are popular people in wedding season). Keep in mind that almost every bride requires alterations on their bridal gown, whether they purchase off the rack or order their gown. The cost range for standard bridal alterations can be approximately $300 to $600.

Bride: Am I able to bring in food or drinks?

Renewed With Love: We ask that no outside food or drinks are brought into the boutique as our gowns are out of bags for the best shopping experience and our goal is to protect them. We strive to keep our gowns in the best condition possible and would like to avoid the chance for spillage or stains.

Bride:  Can we bring champagne?

Renewed With Love: No alcohol is to be brought into the boutique as we are not a licensed establishment. We do understand that a celebratory sip of a bubbly beverage is always fun and makes for super cute photos, therefore on advanced special request (when booking the appointment) we can have a non-alcoholic bubbly toast brought out to celebrate finding your gown!

Bride: Can we take photos?

Renewed With Love: Photos are certainly allowed, however, we ask that the photography not impede the appointment time. We want to make the most of your appointment! Videoing and or recording of the appointment is not permitted, thank you for your understanding.

Bride:  Do you take gowns on consignment or purchase used gowns?

Renewed With Love: This boutique did start as a consignment shop; however, it is something that we moved away from within the first few months of the boutique opening. We no longer take dresses on consignment or purchase “once loved” gowns or accessories, even if they have never been worn.

Bride:  Do you carry Bridesmaid, Prom or Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses?

Renewed With Love: When you are ready to start looking for dresses for your girls we suggest contacting our sister store With Love Bridal Boutique in Kanata as they carry Bridesmaid dresses to order. We do not carry Bridesmaid, Prom, or Mother of the Bride/Groom at our location.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we’d be more than happy to help!